The Native Nosi Honey

The Native Nosi comprises of two words taken from the English and Basotho languages;
Native: Widely understood (formally and informally) as a term to refer to natural, indigenous, unaltered, or unadorned. Originating, growing, or produced in a certain place or region. Synonyms include: domestic, home-grown, home-made, home, local, endemic, inborn, inherent, intuitive, and instinctive.  E.g. “honey, eggs and other nativeproduce”
Nosi: A term from the Basotho people of South Africa meaning ?Honey Bee?. Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, known for their role in pollination and producing honey and beeswax.
Seeing that The Native Nosi seeks to produce and sell honey, wax and byproducts that are organic and indigenous, the name is best fit to describe and complement the legacy my father built and I plan to continue.

About my honey

So the honey at The Native Nosi is the best in the land, anyone who has tasted my products will attest to this. My honey is all local (South African) and raw. I do nothing to the honey except extract it from the bees straight into your bottle, so the honey is as fresh and pure as the bees prepared it. I take pride in the fact that most of The NativeNosi?s honey is foraged in the Limpopo, Gauteng and North Western areas of the Country.
The bees are moved around every season to ensure that they always have enough forage to make their honey. So at any point you buy the honey, it may differ in texture, colour and taste depending on the different nectar the bees visited to make the honey.
Some of the vegetation our bees are most exposed to include;
Citrus / Orange Blossom
Buffalo Thorn


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